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Prescription for Maryland

1) Jobs

  • Allow natural gas reserves (one of largest reserves in the country) under Maryland to be accessed (only using environmentally friendly practices-not controversial hydro-fracturing which is NOT necessary) in a few chosen spots in Western Maryland (where the gas is located). Put the money from the mineral rights (in hundreds of millions) into Chesapeake Bay cleanup and education ONLY (with law specifying money CANNOT go into General Fund). Thousands of new high paying jobs to be created and education and the Chesapeake win out with new funding sources.
  • Roll back the largest tax increase in our state’s history to spur the economy and create jobs.
  • Look into moving non-essential government offices out of Annapolis and surrounding areas into empty commercial space (over 3 million square feet of empty commercial space in Anne Arundel County alone) in neighboring areas. This will free prime downtown Annapolis real estate to attract new businesses and jobs from across the US and abroad, save the state money through cheaper rents and generate hundreds of thousands of tax dollars for the counties and municipalities through new property tax base.
  • Cut corporate tax rates to bring in line with region (we are highest in Mid-Atlantic region).
  • Offer significant tax incentives to movie and film industry to bring more film productions to Maryland.

2) Spending/Budget

  • Roll back budget to 2008 levels across the board (except in emergency services, education and promised obligations). This will provide a cushion of over a billion dollars to use at the legislature’s discretion (unemployment, funding for less fortunate, etc..).
  • Cut legislator’s salaries and OVERLY generous benefits.
  • Make it law that legislature MUST identify funding source for any ongoing legislation (pay as you go).
  • End practice of taking money from dedicated funds and using it in the General Fund.

3) Taxes

  • Oppose all tax increases (I signed the No New Tax Pledge).
  • Roll back the largest tax increase in state’s history to pre-increase levels.
  • Cut taxes for small businesses.

4) Illegal Immigration

  • End practice of providing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.
  • End practice of providing in state college tuition to illegal aliens.
  • Require photo ID when voting.
  • Require employers to verify legal status of employees (do their due diligence).
  • End “Sanctuary” policies.

5) Ethics

  • Establish ethics board that is separate and independent from Legislature with power to subpoena.
  • Establish term limits for legislators and committee chairs.

6) Education

  • Strengthen public schools by assuring a continuous source of funding for education (Thornton legislation), which the legislature failed to do.
  • Expand Charter schools.
  • Begin Middle College High School program in Maryland.
  • Expand International Baccalaureate program availability.
  • Expand school choice for ALL parents.

6) Bay/Environment

  • Encourage public/private partnerships like water column aquaculture oyster farming through tax credits.
  • Encourage storm water management through increased use of Coastal Plains Outfalls by offering tax credits and seek grant money from various environmental organizations.
  • Encourage alternative energy production.
  • Join with Virginia and sue Pennsylvania, NY and other Bay watershed states for environmental damage to Chesapeake Bay from the Susquehanna River and others (or get them to recognize the issues and help clean up the Bay).
  • Strengthen MDE’s ability to enforce existing laws

7) Public Safety

  • Make AAMC a cardiac surgery center.
  • Re-open the State Police Barracks in Annapolis.
  • Fully fund emergency service budgets.

8) Transportation

  • EXPAND EZ-PASS usage by removing the tax imposed on it (we are the only state to tax EZ-PAss) and build high speed EZ Pass lanes (like on the NJ Turnpike and in NY)
  • Oppose the diversion of dedicated transportation funds to solve other budget problems.
  • Will work with local officials, colleagues in the Senate and the state Department of Transportation, and the Governor’s office to advance transportation projects for the district.  Particular attention will be given to those projects that can more quickly be brought on line through the Federal Highway Administration Innovative Funding program to meet the needs of the BRAC related growth. 
  • Will encourage these officials and sponsor or support legislation for improvements in  road and mass transit systems, with special emphasis on repair of existing roads, new roads and commuter bus systems that move people to and from their work places or to other mass transit services.
  • Support proactive solutions to traffic growth in both Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis.

9) Healthcare

  • Reform Maryland malpractice climate and overall tort law to reduce medical costs.
  • Ensure universal access to care.
  • expand free and indigent care clinic access.


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